About Us

MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Limited

MB entered the world of sugar in 1994 with its candy sugar plant. Very soon in 1997 it went on to build another facility where it started manufacturing pharma grade sugar (Sucrose) for Pharmaceutical companies. Through these years it kept on adding various products like sugar cubes, sugar sachets, sugar globules, sugar spheres, light brown sugar and many more to its portfolio. MCC pellets, Mannitol pellets and low Endotoxin sugar are the latest addition to our product basket.

Backed by a team of highly qualified and experienced people, MB has now become a pioneer in the field. MB manufacturing plant – a complete stainless steel, state of the art facility is situated in Malegaon. MB has its HO in Malegaon, branch office in Mumbai and distributors all over the country. MB today serves all major pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad & various star hotels, bakeries, hospitals & other institutions.

It is exporting to countries like South East Asia, Africa, Gulf countries, Russia & CIF, USA, Brazil etc.

The company is committed to maintain highest standards of quality and service. We aim to provide solution to our customer’s problems by applying new & modern concepts for manufacturing to make life sweeter than ever before.

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