MB Demerara sachet contains natural light brown sugar which is completely free flow. This sugar is not only rich in nutrients but it adds colour and flavour to your coffee & other beverages.

Ideal For :
Coffees like espresso, cappuccino, etc, black tea, herbal tea and other health beverages.

Packing :
Sachets are packed in high quality foodgrade polyposter & polyglassin paper in different customized pack (Tubular & Rectangular). Sachets are available in 5gm, 6gm,7gm & 10gm.
5 gm sachet X 200 units = 1 kg polypouch X 10 units = 10 kg corrugated box.

Nutritional Chart :
Nutrients(per 100g.)
Total Mineral Salts500 - 843.66 ppm (max.)
Phosphorus (P)0-0.66 ppm (max.)
Calcium (Ca)130-205 ppm (max.)
Magnesium (Mg)170 - 190 ppm (max.)
Potassium (K)155 - 360 ppm (max.)
Iron (Fe)45 - 88 ppm (max.)