MB Light Brown Sugar is most natural form of sugar. It is hygienically manufactured, free flowing, rich in Calcium, Iron & other mineral salts. It is free from any colour or chemical.
It can be used in daily home consumption.

Ideal For :
Brown biscuits, Cookies, cakes, pastries, brown sweets like Gajak & others. Ideal for daily home consumption in Tea, Coffee, Ice-Cream etc.

Packing :
Consumer Packing -
500gm fancy packets X 40 units = 20kg corrugated box.
Institutional packing -
1kg polybag X 20 units = 20kg corrugated box.
Bulk packing -
50kg HDPE bag with polyliner inside.

Nutritional Chart :
Nutrients(per 100g.)
Total Mineral Salts500 - 843.66 ppm (max.)
Phosphorus (P)0-0.66 ppm (max.)
Calcium (Ca)130-205 ppm (max.)
Magnesium (Mg)170 - 190 ppm (max.)
Potassium (K)155 - 360 ppm (max.)
Iron (Fe)45 - 88 ppm (max.)