Compressible Sugar is a sweet tasting, white crystalline powder.. Free flow, non-hygroscopic, non-reactive with most of fine chemicals, possessing rapid solubility, having lubricating quality, facilitating desired hardness, shelf life.
Compressible sugar is used primarily in preparation of direct – compression chewable tablets as filler.
Available particle size-Passing though 20 mesh.
• Other sizes also available on request.

Pharmacopeial Quality : 
Complies pharmacopeial quality of US-NF & BP.

Shelf Life :
2 Years from the date of production, recommended to “Store protected from light & moisture”.

Packaging :
1) 50 Kg HDPE Bag with food grade poly liner inside.
2) 50 Kg HDPE (Plastic) drum with food grade poly liner inside.

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