MB Icing Sugar is a product that meets international standadrds. Use of it enhances the taste of cakes & pastries. Sparkling white & free flow powder. MB Double refined Icing sugar adds transparency to icing, giving it a smooth look.

Ideal For :
Used over baked desserts & all other products /recipes that need icing.
Particle Size- 200-400 mesh ASTM / 75-37 micron

Packing :
Consumer Packing –
1) 100gm fancy packets X 100 units =10kg corrugated box.
2) 200gm fancy packets X 60 units = 12kg corrugated box.
3) 500gm fancy packets X 40 units = 20kg corrugated box.
Institutional packing – 
1kg polybags X 20 units = 20kg corrugated box.
Bulk packing –
50kg HDPE bag with polyliner inside.

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