MB also offers salt, pepper & mouth freshener sachets. You can delight your customers with the refreshing taste of MB Mouth freshener.

Ideal for :
Used in hotels, restaurants, institutions, offices, clubs, airlines as well as for travel purposes.

Packing :
Sachet are packed in high quality food grade polyposter & polyglassin paper
Salt sachet –
1gm sachet X 500 units=1 polypouch X 10 units=5kg corrugated box.
Pepper sachet –
0.25gm sachet X 500 units= 1polypouch X 10 units=1.25 kg corrugated box.
Mouth Freshener Sachet
2 gm sachet X 200 units = 1 polypouch X 10 units = 4 kg corrugated box.

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