MB Sugar spheres division manufactures "Neutral Pellets", destined for pharmaceutical use, in compliance with USP, BP, EP since a decade.
MB Sugar Spheres are used by both private formula manufactures (specializing in MODIFIED RELEASE formulation) & Health Care Pharmaceutical industries (producing ORAL CONTROLLED drug formulations).
Neutral micro granules based on Sugar & Cornstarch, for pharmaceutical use, are available in standard & special sizes (from 250 to 1700 µm). Other sizes upon request.

ParticularsMESH ASTMSIZE µm
Standard Sizes#141180-1700
Standard Sizes on request#40355-500
Special Sizes#12/141400-1700
Special Sizes on request#30/40425-500

Stability :
Minimum 2 years after production if storeprotected from light & moisture. For longer storage period please ask us for storage condition instructions.
Standard humidity level: = 4 %.
Lower humidity levels to be agreed.

Technical Documentation Supplied :
Each product batch with COA (Certificate of Analysis) accompanied by any of the following declarations demanded:
Free from GMO, OVI, Gluten, Latex, Dioxin, antioxidant & preservative declaration.
BSE / TSE Compliance declaration, declaration that no ionizing rays used.

Packaging :
"MB SUGAR SPHERES" packed in 50 kg tightly closed HDPE (Plastic) drumwith food grade poly liner inside.