Vision & Mission

Total Quality Management (TQM)
Our objective is to meet or exceed our own stringent product quality standards.

Total Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
We don’t just pride on excellent quality of our products but ensure that our customers experience our genuine care and interest from start to end of purchase cycle.

Market leadership at Home and Abroad
We will achieve this by:
• Being transparent in our dealings with both our clients and suppliers.
• Hiring and nurturing the best talent and constantly challenging them intellectually.
• Developing new ways, tools, process and systems that will show us the way.

Caring and Improvement of environment during Production.
We will be innovative in our approach to aim at doubling our company growth with reducing impact on environment.

Our belief in continuous R&D and innovations has helped us to provide highest quality products at competitive prices. Ensuing stringent control over processes, hygiene& traceability of hazards has resulted in safe & black specs free product. Rejection of our products manufactured at MB Sugars & Pharmaceuticals Limited is Zero percent.

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