An introduction of M.B. Sugars Excipients for Pharma industry

An introduction of M.B. Sugars Excipients for Pharma industry

A pharmaceutical-grade compound is defined as “any active or inactive drug, biologic or reagent, for which a chemical purity standard has been established by a recognized national or regional pharmacopeia.” 

Pharma-grade products are usually consumed by humans and animals. They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products meet standards for their chemical purity. 

Pharma sugar is one of the essential ingredients of pharmaceutical products. MB Sugars, being a pharma-excipient manufacturer, provides sugars that comply with pharmacopeia norms like the IP, BP, EP, USP-NF, JP and CHP

This article goes into more detail about excipients used in various pharma & Nutraceutical Products that MB Sugars manufacture. 

What is pharma-grade sugar?

The Pharma sugar is 99.9% pure sugar, meaning that the main ingredient is natural and does not contain any impurities like black specks or any foreign substance. 

They cost a little more as they involve strenuous regulations and quality control measures that ensure the product is highly pure,Clean & hygienic.

Pharma sugar is used as a pharmaceutical excipient in tablets and capsules that assists with appearance, taste, and shelf life. It is an added bulking agent & provides consistency to the tablets, making them sweet in taste. A sugar coating on tablets keeps them from getting damaged by air, moisture, used as sweetner and also makes them taste better. 

Pharma & Nutraceutical Products by MB Sugars 

1. Sucrose

Also known as cane sugar and saccharose, is a disaccharide of glucose and fructose. It is used as a sweetening agent, preservative, antioxidant, tablet binder, and an excellent excipient for tablets. It has very low chemical reactivity and contains no added substances.

Sucrose is used as a coating for tablets, which prevents them from deforming and catching moisture. 

It is also used as a suspending agent, therapeutic agent in pharma products as well as sachet products. It also acts as a diluent for tablets and capsules. Sucrose 

It is also used in dry syrup and syrup Formulation. The Pharmacopoeial syrups have high concentrations of sucrose, as per Pharmacopoeial requirement.  

Adding sucrose gives greater stability to syrups and limits microbial growth due to high osmotic pressure. Also, in dry syrups, sucrose is used as a stabilizer.

Sucrose in nutraceuticals is used to fulfill both technological and organoleptic functions. It targets the consumption abilities of people by enhancing taste. 

M.B. Sugars Regulatory Status: 

  • Our SucroseComplies with IP/BP/EP/USP/JP & CHP
  • US-DMF, Drug License, TGA, GMP, Kosher and Halal certifications are available.

2. Non Pariel Seeds (NPS)

These are white and spherical particles with a uniform diameter. They are inert, tasteless, and odorless granules. They are used as core in sustained-release formulations and work as a base upon which drugs are coated. These can be blended and filled into capsule shells or incorporated into a suitable directly compressible vehicle and compressed into tablets.

NPS is stable throughout the processing stage. Their characteristics are- 

  • no attrition, 
  • low friability, 
  • uniform-sized particles, 
  • high degree of sphericity, non-porous and smooth surface.
  • range Of NPS include Sugar globules,Sugar Spheres, MCC Spheres, Mannitol Spheres & Tartaric acid Spheres.

M.B. Sugars Regulatory Status:

  • Our Non Pariel Seeds products complies with IP/BP/EP/USP/JP/USP-NF
  • GMP, Drug License, Kosher, and Halal certifications are available.

3.  Mannitol

It is a sugar alcohol or a polyol, and an osmotic diuretic that is metabolically inert. It enhances the flow of water from tissues into interstitial fluid and plasma. 

It is used as a filler for tablets, capsules, and sachets that are directly compressible and aid in orally disintegrating tablets. 

Mannitol enhances protein therapeutic stability, stabilizes vaccines, and is used as a carrier in lyophilized and spray-dried formulations. 

It has non-hygroscopic properties and with a sweet, bland taste, makes an excellent base for formulations of chewable tablets in combination with different activities.

M.B. Sugars Regulatory Status:

  • Our Mannitol products comply with IP/BP/EP/USP/JP
  • They also come with GMP, Kosher, and Halal Certification 

4. Our excipient products

Pharmaceutical excipients are ingredients in a drug delivery system that aren’t active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) but have been tested for safety and are added on purpose. Some excipients are mentioned below.

1. FLO-Starch: It is silicified starch that is used as a carrier in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used as a diluent, disintegrant, binder, and lubricant.

2. Maltodextrin: It is a water-soluble pharma excipient that is used as a diluent in single-unit dosage preparations like sachets.

3. Tartaric Acid Powder: It is a white crystalline powder that is used as a stabilizer in pharmaceutical products. It is also used as an anti-oxidant, acidifier, flavor enhancer, and API stabilizer.

4. Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate: It is a fine white powder that is used as a filler in tablets made by direct compression or is used as a binder in the wet granulation process. 

5. Liquid Sorbitol: It is a colorless liquid used as a stabilizer for drugs, vitamins, and antacid suspensions. It is also used in syrups and prevents crystallization around bottle caps.

6. S-Coat: It is based on dewaxed and decolorized shellac that is refined in the solvent extraction process. It is used to mask the taste and odor of the tablets and acts as a seal coating and a moisture barrier for pharma products.

M.B. Sugars Regulatory Status:

  • Our Other Excipients products comply with FCC, IH, IP/BP/USP/EP/JP 
  • They also come with FSSAl, GMP, Kosher, and Halal Certification 

Product Range From MB Sugars – Leading Pharma Excipients Manufacturer In India

1.SucroseSucrose- Special Particle Size
Castor Sugar
Compressible Sugar
Confectioner’s Sugar
Milled Sucrose
Light Brown Pharma Sugar
Low Endotoxin Sucrose
2.Non-Periel Seeds (NPS)Sugar Globules
Sugar Spheres
Tartaric Acid Spheres
Mannitol Spheres
MCC Spheres
3.MannitolMannitab F1
Mannitab F2
Mannitab F3
Mannitab RS
Mannitab SD 1
Mannitab SD 2
4.Other ExcipientsFLO- Starch
Tartaric Acid Powder
Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate


Pharma sugar is an essential filler in almost all pharmaceutical formulations. It is used to make tablets, syrups, dry syrups, sachets, vaccines and injectables. High-quality standards are to be maintained to ensure that sugars are completely inert and do not react with active pharmaceutical ingredients in a drug.

MB Sugars is a leading pharma excipient manufacturer in India. A high standard and safety are maintained while manufacturing pharma-grade sugar. Our storage and packaging are done in a controlled atmosphere. So get “A-grade” pharmaceutical sugars from the House of MB Sugars.

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