Enjoy The Festive Season With Rich Specialty Sugars By MB Sugars

Enjoy The Festive Season With Rich Specialty Sugars By MB Sugars

The festive mood has enveloped every one of us. No Diwali celebration in India is complete without a luscious spread of sweets and other delectable treats. Indeed, sweet dish is the centerpiece of every Indian celebration and it contributes significantly to the festive spirit.

This Diwali, let’s spread joy with sweetness and smiles by preparing delightful homemade sweets with MB Sugars’ assortment of premium specialty sugar. MB Sugars is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty sugar in India and offers a wide range of products. 

As rituals have been passed down through the ages, Indian sweets have become an integral part of all things auspicious. Hence, in this article, we shall talk through the numerous applications of MB’s sugar ingredient varieties and their uses.

Specialty Sugars Offered By MB Sugars

  1. Kathali Sugar: 

It is a unique, double-refined white sugar that is 100% pure and free from bacteria and moisture. 

This sugar is ideally used in the production of Diwali sweets like Kaju kathali, Badam kathali, Soan-papdi, Bengali mithais like Rasgulla, Cham Cham, etc. 

It can also be used in tinned and canned sweets, ice creams, lassis, juices, murabba, chhunda, etc.

What makes it more special is the process by which it is manufactured. 

This specialty sugar is processed to increase shelf life and can be used directly without the need for purification with milk. This indeed reduces the overall cost of production of mithais.

  1. Icing Sugar:

Also known as confectioners’ sugar, is a fine sugar powder that is highly versatile and used for making icings, frostings, and dusting over desserts. 

It is a must have ingredient in a baker’s pantry. 

If you pop plain icing sugar into your mouth, it will feel dry initially and later melt, giving you a sweet sensation. Icing sugar is available in various particle sizes like XXX, XXXX, and 10X, which is the finest. 

It is evident that the smaller the particle, the greater the moisture absorbance. 

Here, MB Sugars serve as an advantage that adds an anti-caking agent like corn starch and extends its shelf life. This sugar can be used in the production of festival sweets like amrit modak, rasgulla, laddus, pedas, etc.

  1. Castor Sugar:

Every bakery cookbook has this specialty sugar as the main ingredient. It is a superfine sugar whose particle size is in between granulated sugar and confectioners’ sugar. 

Desserts like meringues, mousse, whipped cream, beverages, and souffles are made using castor sugar. It is an energy-rich ingredient with 16 calories and 4.2 grams of carbs per teaspoon.

A hygiene check and particle size are to be maintained during the manufacturing of castor sugar. 

The properties of its easy dissolution, free low moisture-free, and purity are maintained. 

It is used in the production  of special Diwali sweets like Gulab Jamun, Surya Kala, Kesri, and much more,

  1. Light Brown Sugar:

This is a specialty sugar with ample nutrients of phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. 

Besides being packed with nutrients, its sweet and caramel taste fits best in the preparation of sweets like gajak, brown biscuits, and cookies. 

It can also be consumed on a daily basis with milk, coffee, and black tea.

Special care is taken while working with this sugar in order to maintain adequate amounts of nutrients. This is due to the fact that too little or too much of the same can mar the quality of light brown sugar. It is used in the production of authentic Indian festival sweets like puran poli, pedas, khaja, etc.

  1. Breakfast Sugar:

It is the essence of every dessert, baked good, and beverage we consume daily. It not only adds sweetness but keeps the baked goods soft and moist. 

It also works as a preservative. When dissolved in warm water, it helps to activate the yeast, aids in browning, and acts as a stabilizer by trapping air in food.

It is of utmost importance to maintain its unique particle size of crystal and zero artificial flavors, to bring in a naturally sweet taste. 

This sugar is an all-rounder and is used in almost all in production of festival sweets from Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Rasagulla, Lolo, and many more.

Sweeten Up

Do not worry about hygiene and health, as we have balanced nutrients and sweetness. From simple sugar syrup to fancy sugar cookies, you can make it all using our specialty sugars. We do have a range of sugar-free products, sugar cubes (white and brown), rainbow sugar, and much more.

Let’s make this festive season seasoned with sweet tastes by MB Sugars’ uniquely manufactured quality festival sugars. Here is a small in-house sweet recipe by M.B. Sugars. We hope to lighten your taste with healthy sugars!

So scroll through our products on our website and let us serve your requirements.

Spreading smiles with nourished sweetness!

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