Top 3 Specialty Sugars By MB Sugars [2023 Edition]

Top 3 Specialty Sugars By MB Sugars [2023 Edition]

Sugar is one of the widest-spread commodities in the world and its sweetness is prominent for ages. Its colorless crystals and simple taste has traveled ages and has become a part of daily kitchen ingredients. 

Specialty sugars came into the world because people were very interested in making different kinds of sugar to improve the flavor and taste of different foods and drinks. The market for specialty sugars is growing at a healthy CAGR because there are more companies making sweets, more restaurants using specialty sugars, and hundreds of different kinds.

This article is a brief on the Top 3 Specialty Sugars.

What are specialty sugars?

Specialty sugars are sugar products that add value to sugar. These sugar products with added value do specific things well enough that they can be used as the main building blocks for new products in the high-demand area of processed foods. It is also called special crystal sugar, special sugars, and specialty sugar products.

There are various types of specialty sugars like castor sugar, brown sugar, sugar paste, kathali sugar, rainbow sugar, candy sugar, icing sugar, sugar cubes, etc. All these sugars are made to serve the purpose of indulging sweetness and colors into the dishes.

Top 3 Specialty Sugars

It is a unique type of sugar that gives a royal touch to sweets. It is used in various sweets like Kaju kathli, badam kathli, rasgulla, Bengali sweets, etc. to enhance the look and shelf-life of the sweets. It is also used in tinned and canned sweets, lassis, ice creams, murabba, juices, and much more. 

Quality approach for Kathali sugar

  1. Bacteria and moisture free
  2. 100% purity that improves the whiteness and gives more shine to all sweets
  3. Increased shelf life and freshness 

Sugar candy is any sweet that is mostly made of sugar. Hard candies, fondants, caramels, jellies, and nougats are the main types of sugar candies. In British English, this big group of sugar candies is called “sweets,” and the word “candy” is only used for hard sugar candies that are almost solid.

Sugar candies are a type of candy. Other types of candy include chocolates, gum, and other sweet foods. Confectionery, which also includes sweet pastries and sometimes ice cream, is a subtype of candy.

Sugar candies are divided into three groups:

  1. Hard candies and creams that are mostly or all sugar are examples.
  1. 95% or more sugar, and up to 5% of other things like marshmallows or nougats.
  1. 75–95% of candy is sugar, and 5–25% is something else, like fudge or caramels.

Rainbow Sugar Crystals are big, chunky sugar grains that are used to decorate cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other sweets that have been dipped. Every bite has just the right amount of crunch and sweetness.

These decorative sugars are free from artificial dyes and the color is indulged using natural food coloring. The rainbow sugar can also be used for corporate gifting purposes, Prashad, or can be mixed with saunf to give richness to hospitality.

MB Sugars Quality Check For Top Specialty Sugars

Quality is a top priority at MB Sugars and is an intrinsic component of consumer and pharmaceutical products. With 5 sustainable development goals, MB Sugars defines itself as nutrition-rich and 100% pure sugars. With internal quality assurance and R&D labs, MB Sugars is well equipped to assure the standards of specialty sugars.

So think no more and enjoy the sweetness with festive sweets like kathali sugars, rainbow sugars, and sugar candies from MB Sugars.

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