Ideal For :-

Used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, cafes, airlines, corporate offices, etc.

Packing :-

Sachets are packed in high quality foodgrade polyposter & polyglassin paper in different customized pack (Tubular & Rectangular).

Sachets are available in 5gm, 6gm,7gm & 10gm.

5 gm sachet X 200 units = 1 kg polypouch X 10 units = 10 kg corrugated box.

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Easy to use MB Sugar Sachets are filled with refined sugar. It's an unbeatable combination of purity, hygiene and convenience. Easy to handle in transit and quickly soluble than ordinary sugar. One sachet gives sweetness to one cup of tea or coffee. Customized sachets can enhance the status of your organization.
Sr.No As per B.S.S As per A.S.T.M Micron Size Micron Difference Variation Variation Variation
Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower