SUGAR PASTE (Roll-n-Mould)

Ideal for :-

Roll-n-Mould can be used to cover cakes, to mold features, and create decorations for cakes. It's ideal for wedding cakes, theme cakes and party cakes. It is also useful to decorate a myriad of desserts including butter cookies or biscuits.

Packing :-

MB Sugar paste is available in various colors like White, Red, Yellow, Black, and Green etc.

Packing :-

1 kg bucket x 16 units = 16 kg corrugated box.

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MB takes pride to introduce Roll-n-Mould Sugar Paste, an edible Icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. This Sugar paste is also known as rolled fondant or ready to roll icing. MB Roll-n-Mould tastes great and works like a dream. It is firm and elastic, and makes rolling it out for covering your cake effortless. Furthermore, it can be made in any imaginable shape or forms.
Sr.No As per B.S.S As per A.S.T.M Micron Size Micron Difference Variation Variation Variation
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