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Environment, Health and Safety

At MB we are committed to proactively adapting and achieving high standards of Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Systems and practices for our personnel. Our EHS outline provides for the creation of a safe, healthy workplace for our employee and ensures that one and all returns home safely.

We conduct training for employees on firefighting, first aid, safety practices, hazardous material handling, and disposal. Regular health check-ups are organized for employees and labor and also conduct safety inspections and audits. We use green fuel for steam generation and have a well maintained Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and re-utilization of water for gardening which has over 1000 plants next to the manufacturing unit to balance the ecosystem and lead conservation of biodiversity

We continually strive to optimize the resources and modernize our business processes in order to reduce the environmental impact

For successful implementation of our EHS policy, the management will:

  • Take full cognizance of Safety, Health & Environment considerations in Project, Planning, decision making, and conducting time to time audits/inspections.
  • Assess and seek to minimize the impact of business activities on the environment and communities in which its operations are located.
  • Provide proactive and effective occupational health and hygiene programs.
  • Seek to achieve continuous improvement in its health, safety, and environment.
  • Comply with statutory provisions with regards to Health, Safety & Environment.
  • Investigate all accidents, even of near-miss or minor nature, and implement the recommendations to avoid reoccurrence.
  • Develop maintain appropriate Emergency response procedures and contingency plans.
  • Inform and educate train and retrain the employees to participate in safety, Health & Environment related activities with the objective of achieving the highest standard in safety health & environment