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The MB Sugars Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products are undoubtedly the best in quality. We offer nothing but the purest.

Non Pariel Seeds (NPS)

MB Sugars and Pharmaceuticals offers you a complete range of high quality non-pariel seeds

Non Pariel Seeds (NPS)

Your Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Non-Pareil Seeds By MB Sugars

MB Sugars is a renowned and leading manufacturer and exporter of non-pareil seeds. The non-pareil seeds produced by MB Sugars are known for their exceptional quality, and purity, which are widely used in a variety of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products.

MB Sugar's high-quality non-pareil seeds serve as inert cores in capsule and tablet formulations, especially multi-particulate, sustained-release formulations. They are also utilized to serve as the substrate for a drug's coating, which is typically followed by a release-modifying polymer coating.

General Description

Non-Pareil Seeds are spherical, uniformly sized particles. They are practically inert, odourless, and tasteless white granules with a homogeneous appearance. Non-Pareil seeds are composed mostly of inert components such as starch and lactose.

Non-Pareil seeds are typically colourless but can be manufactured in a variety of colours upon request. Non-Pareil seeds are stable at room temperature.

Features of Non-Pareil Seeds Manufactured By MB Sugars

  • Rapidly Soluble: Non-pareil seeds dissolve quickly, making them ideal for pharmaceutical formulations that require fast dissolution rates.
  • High-Quality Standards: Non-pareil seeds adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring their purity, efficacy, and safety for use in pharmaceutical products.
  • Free Flowing: Non-pareil seeds have excellent flowability, allowing for easy handling and processing during pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • Uniform Crystal/Grain Size: Non-pareil seeds are consistent in size and shape, providing uniformity in pharmaceutical formulations and ensuring accurate dosing.
  • Practically Inert: Non-pareil seeds are chemically stable and do not react with other ingredients in pharmaceutical formulations, making them ideal for maintaining the stability and integrity of the final product.
  • Tasteless: Non-pareil seeds have no discernible taste, making them suitable for use in oral pharmaceutical products without affecting the taste of the medication.
  • Odorless: Non-pareil seeds are devoid of any odor, making them ideal for use in pharmaceutical formulations where odor could affect the sensory experience of the end user.


  • Free-flowing, dry spherical masses of 100% sucrose are used widely in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Used as inert core in capsule and tablet formulation
  • Used as a functional starter core for extended-release formulations to reduce the pH-dependent solubility of drugs
  • Sugar-free pellets used for drug layering
  • Used as inert core in capsule and tablet formulation

Product Range Of Our Non-Pareil Seeds

MB Sugars - a quality sugar seed manufacturing company, has a quality range of products, including-

Sugar Globules

These are free-flowing and dry spherical masses of 100% sucrose, particle size ranging from 12 to 120 mesh (125 μ to 1680 μ)

Sugar Spheres

These are spherical masses of sugar and starch that are used as an inert core in capsule and tablet formulation. Particle size ranging from 12 to 120 mesh (125 μ to 1680 μ)

Tartaric Acid Spheres

These are 100% tartaric acid beads that are used as functional starter core for extended-release formulations to reduce the pH-dependent solubility of drugs. Particle size ranging from 12 to 60 mesh ( 250 μ to 1680 μ)

Mannitol Spheres

These are non-hygroscopic and highly spherical dense spheres that are used for drug layering. Particle size ranging from 12 to 60 mesh (250 μ to 1680 μ)

MCC Spheres

These are extremely robust MCC palettes that are used as an inert core in capsule and tablet formulations. Particle size ranging from 12 to 140 mesh ( 105 μ to 1680 μ)

Pharmacopeial Compliances of Our Non-Pareil Seeds

Our non-pareil seeds are meticulously produced to meet various pharmacopeial compliances. These include compliance with the International Harmonization (IH) specification, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Drug License, Kosher, and Halal requirements. Additionally, we have all the necessary quality documents such as the US Drug Master File (DMF) available for reference. Our commitment to quality extends to compliance with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards, ensuring that our non-pareil seeds meet the highest industry standards for safety and efficacy.


Available in a 50 kg HDPE drum with a food-grade poly liner inside.


Store & protect from light & moisture.

Shelf Life

The shelf-life of quality Non- Pareil seeds by MB Sugars is 2 years

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