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Pharma & Nutraceuticals

The MB Sugars Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products are undoubtedly the best in quality. We offer nothing but the purest.


Sucrose is a non-reducing crystalline disaccharide made up of glucose and fructose. The Sucrose range by MB Sugars is available only in the best quality.


The Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Sucrose

MB Sugar is a leading manufacturer of Sucrose, a type of sugar that is commonly used in a variety of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products. MB Sugar offers only the highest quality Sucrose, which is a crystalline disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose which is non-reducing in nature.

MB Sugar’s Sucrose crystals are pure and clear that is widely used for dry suspension, clear solution, tablet coating, sachet products, and manufacturing of pellets. We manufacture a range of high-quality Sucrose granulation sizes to meet the requirements of the pharma industry which are:


  • Features of Sucrose: Sweet, carbohydrate, disaccharide, found in plants.
  • Free Flowing: Easy to pour or dispense, does not clump or stick together.
  • Rapidly Soluble: Dissolves quickly in liquid, making it convenient for various applications.
  • Uniform Crystal/Grain Size: Consistent particle size, ensuring even distribution and performance in different processes.
  • Available in 2000/75 Microns and 10/200 ASTM: Available in different particle size options for different applications or requirements.
  • 100% Free from Metallic Elements and Black Specs: Ensures purity and quality, suitable for use in sensitive applications where contaminants are not desirable.


  • Suspension, clear solutions, and pallets: The clear & perfect crystals of sucrose having high purity are recommended for dry suspension & clear solution. Also used in the manufacturing of pellets.
  • Carrying agent: Used in parental formulations as a carrying agent, particularly in intravenous and intramuscular injectables.
  • Protein stabilizer: As a protein stabilizer, nutritional supplement in the bio-pharmaceutical application.
  • Oil-based suspension: Ideal choice where rapid dissolution is required. Best suited for oil-based suspension.
  • Granulation, sachet filling, and coating: Used for granulation, sachet filling, and coating. Very fine powder which makes it dissolve quickly in water. It is also used for the compressibility of products. Used as a diluent in tablets.
  • Tablet Making: A white, granular, free-flowing powder that is used for tablet making (Chewable, effervescent and orodispersable tablets) in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Sachet filling: Used for sachet filling for mixing with active ingredients and other food products. Also used as a coloring aid.
  • Laboratory reagents: High-purity sucrose crystals are recommended as laboratory reagents. Also finds application in tissue culture and biotech products.
  • Analytical preparation: Used in analytical preparation, where high purity of sucrose is required.

Product Range Of Sucrose

MB Sugar, - a quality sucrose manufacturing company, has a quality range of products, including-

Sucrose - Special Particle Size

Highly pure, dry, white crystalline powder with a product range of Micron - 2000 / 75, ASTM - 10 / 200

Low Endotoxin Sucrose

Highly pure, dry, white crystalline powder with a product range of 5 IU/g, and 10 IU/g

Milled Sucrose

It is a very fine white powder easily compressible with a product range of 100 mesh ( 150 μ ), 200 mesh ( 75 μ ), and 325 mesh (45 μ)

Confectioners Sugar

Very fine white powder easily compressible, with corn starch, added as an anti-caking agent with the product range of 100 mesh ( 150 μ ), 200 mesh ( 75 μ ), and 325 mesh (45 μ)

Compressible Sugar

It is an excipient used by the pharmaceutical industry. Its useful properties include high flowability, low hygroscopicity, high compressibility & no reactivity with other tablet components. It has a product range of 20 mesh ( 850 μ)

Light Brown Pharma Sugar

Highly pure, dry, light brown to brown, free-flow crystalline sugar.

Sucrose - LR

It is a special particle size high purity crystalline Sucrose with a product range of Micron - 2360- 1680, ASTM - 8/12

Sucrose - AR

It is a grade of extremely high purity crystalline Sucrose having a product range of 1Micron - 1410, ASTM - 14

Pharmacopeial Compliances - Adhering to Quality Standards

Sucrose by MB Sugar adheres to international standards such as IP/BP/EP/USP/JP/CHP, ensuring the highest quality and purity of their products. We maintain strict compliance with GMP and produce our products under Drug License. We have Kosher & Halal certifications to cater to regulatory requirements

Our Sucrose is in accordance with US - DMF & CFDA (China Food & Drug Admin ) regulations. This provides further evidence of our commitment to quality & regulatory compliance in the Pharma Industry


MB Sugar packages Sucrose in 50 kg / 25 kg (HDPE Bag / Drum) with food-grade polyline inside.


Sucrose must be stored and protected away from light and moisture

Shelf Life

Our high-quality Sucrose has a Self-life of 5 Years.

MB Sugars - The best Pharma Grade Sugar Manufacturers in India