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CMD Message

CMD Vijaykumar B. Lodha

A Message From The Chairman And Managing Director

As rightly quoted by Seth Godin “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them” and that’s what we believe at M. B. Sugars and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Currently M.B. Group has two divisions, Pharma and Food (Consumer Products). In the pharma division, MB plays a vital role by manufacturing various excipients and supplying them as an ingredient to pharmaceutical companies. Starting from manufacturing pharma grade sugar, the addition was a range of Neutral Pellets and Mannitol. In the Food division, we started from Sugar cubes and Sachets to various products serving bakery, hospitality & catering. It’s my honour to announce that we are starting with a new division, MB Care, which has been designed for our end-users/consumers to have reach for our products at their nearest Chemist/Pharmacy.

We keep working towards our goals and achieving targets. Our strength lies in the selection of products since our products are niche. Thanks to our capacity to adapt to dynamic innovations while keeping our customer requirements at the front line of the company’s core interest.

We assure that our products are technically well-developed with the aim for zero rejection. We have our own R&D lab and we keep developing new products. I am honoured to mention that MB has the highest standard certificates /licenses in the world.

At MB, we practice professional ethics and have a friendly working environment. We hire local residents and make them competent. Since we are based in Malegaon, we empower people in rural areas and help them in developing their socio-economic status.

At the outset with immense pleasure, I would like to inform you that MB group plans for business expansion and is also looking for diversification in future.