Ideal for :-

Used in preparation of fondant, chocolates, mousses and for icing on cupcakes, pastries, bakewell tarts etc.

Packing :-

Consumer Packing : 500gm Polypouch

Institutional packing : 1 kg polybags X 20 units = 20kg corrugated box

Bulk packing :

1) 10kg HDPE Bag with polyliner inside X 5 units = 50kg HDPE Bag with polyliner inside.

2) 50kg HDPE bag with polyliner inside.

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MB is the only manufacturer of this ultra super fine sugar in India. It is completely free flow and does not form lumps. Due to its fineness it gives a very smooth (mouth melting experience), soft & glossy finish to your products. Size :- 200-300 mesh ASTM / 75-45 micron
Sr.No As per B.S.S As per A.S.T.M Micron Size Micron Difference Variation Variation Variation
Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower