Pepper Sachets

Ideal for :-

Used in hotels, restaurants, institutions, offices, clubs, airlines as well as for travel purposes.

Packing :-

Sachet are packed in high quality food grade polyposter & polyglassin paper

Salt sachet :-

1 gm sachet X 500 units=1 polypouch X 10 units = 5kg corrugated box.

Pepper sachet :-

0.25gm sachet X 500 units= 1 polypouch X 10 units = 1.25 kg corrugated box.

Mouth Freshener Sachet :-

2 gm sachet X 200 units = 1 polypouch X 10 units = 4 kg corrugated box.

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MB also offers salt, pepper & mouth freshener sachets. You can delight your customers with the refreshing taste of MB Mouth freshener.
Sr.No As per B.S.S As per A.S.T.M Micron Size Micron Difference Variation Variation Variation
Upper Lower Upper Lower Upper Lower