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The MB Sugars Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical products are undoubtedly the best in quality. We offer nothing but the purest.


Mannitol is a polyol and an isomer of sorbitol. The mannitol excipients by MB Sugars is undoubtedly of the best quality.


Your Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Mannitol By Mannitab Pharma Specialities Pvt Ltd.

MB Sugars is a premier manufacturer and exporter of Mannitol across the globe. We provide high-quality Mannitol that meets the needs of various industries, including pharmaceuticals, and more.

Mannitol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) and an isomer of sorbitol. Mannitol By Mannitab Pharma Specialities Pvt. Ltd. are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities and comply with stringent quality standards to offer numerous benefits for various applications.

With our commitment to excellence and adherence to strict quality standards, we have established ourselves as a trusted supplier of Mannitol in the global market.


Mannitol is an active ingredient and pharmaceutical excipient that serves as a tablet/capsule diluent, sweetener, therapeutic/tonicity agent, and plasticizer. While not as widely used as lactose monohydrate, calcium carbonate, or starch, mannitol has gained prominence in recent years, and more and more NPD projects are evaluating it as a potential excipient.

Its favorable tableting qualities, cost-effectiveness, inertness to active medicinal components, low hygroscopicity, and safety are the primary causes. Apart from this, mannitol is used for various processes, including

  • Mannitol sugar is an excipient that is used in granulation to make oral solid dosage forms. Because it has low hygroscopicity, chemical inertness, and effective compression tableting. It improves taste and mouthfeel in chewable, sublingual, and orodispersible tablets.
  • Mannitol, a bulking ingredient in lyophilization, improves freeze-drying and product appearance and guarantees echogenicity. Mannitol forms an amorphous matrix during freeze drying, allowing water to escape and preventing sample collapse. It directs water sublimation and preserves proteins.
  • Mannitol does not respond to Mallard's response and does not form hapten-carrier conjugates but activates immunological responses with proteins. Thus, it is employed as a bulking ingredient in food and medications to prevent API reactions.

Our Mannitol’s Product Range

MB Sugars is a high-quality mannitol manufacturing company and has a wide range of products to cater to different formulation needs, including:

Mannitab SD 1

Unique particle size of 100μ is used as filler in tablets, Capsules, and Sachet for formulating orally disintegrating tablets.

Mannitab SD 2

Unique particle size of 180μ is used as filler in Tablet, Capsules, and Sachet for formulating orally disintegrating tablets.

Mannitab F1

Unique particle size of 25μ is used for Wet Granulation Dry Granulation Freeze Drying.

Mannitab F2

Unique particle size of 50μ is used for Wet Granulation Dry Granulation Freeze Drying

Mannitab F3

Unique particle size of 150μ is used for Wet Granulation and Dry Granulation Freeze Drying.

Mannitab RS

It is used in Maillard reaction as an API with mallard reaction tendency

Why Choose Mannitol By Mannitab Pharma Specialities Pvt Ltd.?

Our Mannitol offers a range of benefits, including improved stability of therapeutic proteins, vaccine stabilization, and use as a transport agent in lyophilized and spray-dried formulations. It helps maintain the integrity and activity of sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients during formulation and storage, making it an ideal excipient for various pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacopeial Compliances - Adhering to Quality Standards

Mannitol manufactured by MB Sugars’ sister concern Mannitab Pharma Specialities Pvt.Ltd., complies with various quality standards. This includes compliance with USP/BP/EP/USP/JP, which are recognized international pharmacopeias. We comply with other quality certifications such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Drug License, Kosher, and Halal.


MB Sugars packages Mannitol products in 25 kg Fiber Drums, ensuring safe and hygienic storage.


Mannitol should be stored and protected from light and moisture to maintain its stability and quality.

Shelf Life

The shelf-life of mannitol is 5 years, providing a long-lasting and reliable excipient for various applications.

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